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While most of us are quite content just to get on the housing ladder full stop, some of us have to take it to the next level. Some of us have to go and get eccentric homes. In this latest post, buzzvault looks at 5 very bizarre houses from around the world, which range from creative genius to downright hilarious …

1. The Spaceship House

No, aliens haven’t landed on earth. The image below is of the ‘Futuro’, a house designed by Finnish architect, Matti Suuronen. Less than one hundred were constructed between the 1960s and 1970s, and fewer than fifty of the controversial homes are in existence today. So controversial is the design, in fact, that the spaceship-like homes have been on the receiving end of scathing criticism, vandalism and even drive-by shootings.


2. The Transparent House

Do you value your privacy? Well here’s a house that isn’t for you! The transparent home was designed by Sou Fujimito architects as, bizarrely, a means of capturing the intimacy and comfort of living in a tree. Supposedly, the transparent environment mirrors the openness and freedom that our tree-dwelling ancestors once experienced.

transparent home

3. The Egg House

I’m not yolking, somebody actually lives in this egg-cellent home! Sorry, no more egg puns (promise). The inhabitant is Dalhei Fei, a Beijing resident and designer who constructed his mobile egg-home as a response to the capital’s high living costs. Inside, Dalhei has a bed, a small bedside table, a bookshelf and even a sink. He’s probably doing better than most Londoners … Dahlei Fei has said that he is happier now that he lives in an egg, as he no longer has to worry about Beijing’s egg-stortionate rent prices (couldn’t resist!).

the egg house

4. The Crooked House

Krzywy Domek, literally translated as “crooked little house”, was built in 2004. Unlike the other houses in this list, this building is used not as a dwelling but as a shopping centre. Its warped, surrealist quality has led to it becoming a tourist attraction in Sopot, Poland. Its designers, Szotyńscy & Zaleski, claimed that the building was inspired by the literary and illustrative works of Jan Marcin Spencer and Per Dahlberg.

crooked house

5. The Pineapple House

No, this isn’t Spongebob’s home, it’s an 18th-century construction by John Murray, the 4th Earl of Dunmore. The building, containing a hothouse, was used for growing pineapples, and its fruity pavilion measures in at a whopping 14 metres in length. Sadly, the architect behind the massive pineapple remains a mystery. Today, the public can rent the building and its gardens as a summer house.

pineapple house