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DIA AMSTERDAM 2018, self proclaimed as “The must-see event for insurtech and innovation in insurance”

Why bother going?

  • Thought leader keynotes, sharing their vision to accelerate your digital strategies.
  • Networking opportunities with solution providers and insurance companies from around the globe.
  • A perfect blend of provocative start-ups, tried and tested innovations, the latest and most exciting from tech leaders. In property and casualty, health and life insurance.

Why we bothered going:

We were chosen because we provide solutions that dramatically boost revenues, improve customer engagement, increase cost savings, and open up new revenue streams for insurers. 

We thought, what a perfect way to not only showcase but also prove how great buzzvault is. 

What was the main theme of the conference?

Solving pain points for customers in the insurance industry.

What was the venue and atmosphere like?

The whole event was very Amsterdam as it was so cool and laidback on one hand and incredibly challenging and intelligent on the other.

The design and architecture was incredible. Wood and iron domes nestled against the sunny canal setting.

The restaurants were overflowing with fresh juices, hot waffles, sweet treats and ice-cold beer.

Everywhere people were enjoying the glorious hospitality, but as one of the chosen 54 insurtechs, our feet barely touched the ground.

How did your presentation go?

We presented on the second day, as last in the morning session.

The presentation was a pivotal moment for us. We had little time to prepare and were not allowed any run-throughs prior to our talk. We had to conquer our nerves and seize the bull by the horns.

This being the case, you just had to hope all your equipment would be there on the stage ready and waiting to go for you.

If it messed up that enormous glowing timer took no prisoners.

Insurtech demos at DIA aren’t like normal industry events.

As a chosen insurtech we had only 8 minutes on stage to demo your product.

Slides are strictly forbidden and the second your 8 mins is up, the lights and microphones would turn off.

Having seen it happen to one poor team, I was sure I didn’t wouldn’t want it to happen to us!

We actually cut out a little bit at the end of our presentation because time was running short and it was important to finish strong.

Standing backstage we felt so tiny as we were hidden by the enormous glowing banks of monitors.

As we we were wired up with the headsets and locked in the green room, the adrenaline really started to kick in.

We didn’t let it take hold of us thought, because Becky and I vowed to have fun up there.

We knew we had a fantastic product to show off and there was a lot to be proud of.

After the presentation, we rushed back to our stand and were inundated with enthusiastic people.

It was fascinating to hear how our business proposition helped with specific and varied customer pain points in different countries

What kind of people did you meet?

It was a who’s who of insurtech, with the great and the good of the innovation world turning up to debate where the industry was going. It was a pleasure to see all the different start-ups led by boundless energy.

Along with meeting new people, it was great to have our friends from MRDP there, being really supportive as ever.

What were your main takeaways?

What I learnt was there’s loads of ideas out there in the world of insurtech, but few of them are fully formed.

There is such a thing as too much razzamatazz.

Maybe sometimes best to just let your product do the talking. 

Eight minutes might not seem long enough to pitch your product or service. But it’s actually plenty of time if you really know who you are and what you stand for.

No matter how good your product or service is, you had better prepare because there’s no second chances and nowhere to hide!

Did you win?

A picture is worth a 1000 words… and we have 2!

All the winners from the DIA
Charlotte with the two co-founders of the conference, Reggy de Feniks and Roger Peverelli