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First-time buyers are under unprecedented pressure when it comes to making the leap onto the property ladder. With house prices at record highs, small is the order of the day. And while it can be frustrating to lack space, the human spirit is proving itself as indomitable as ever in this regard. Never before have we seen so many space-saving innovations in the home.

Engineers, furniture designers and product innovators have been collaborating to build products you could only ever have dreamed of. Items that fit a whole room into a box or transform a desk into a bed while keeping your laptop upright and in place are no longer the imaginings of the past but the reality of the future. You don’t have to be a tiny home movement fanatic to find these ideas brilliant for downsizing. Take a look at some of the best ideas (none big, all small) that we have come across.

The All-in-One Kitchen Tower


In 2014, production starts on ‘Ecooking’ a vertical kitchen design by Massimo Facchinetti for Clei. It features everything you could need in a handy stackable column; just pull out the table, the fridge door, the hobtops and away you go. The water used in the sink is recycled, first for use in the dishwasher, then to water the plants so you can help the enviornment while also saving you space. Best of all, it even has seating for six and an espresso machine and comes in four brilliant colours so you don’t have to compromise on comfort or style.

Storing Up

With floor space at a premium the only way is up. With all the space up to the ceiling there is no need to be taking up costly floor room when there are so many options available. We particularly like this Giralot by Resource Furniture. It combines aesthetic appeal with privacy. It is suggested as a bookcase but why not use it for your valuables, keys or even toiletries and personal items in a bathroom?

Now You See It, Now You Don’t


Here is another stunner from Resource Furniture: the Flip Table. When space is a premium it can be hard to find a quiet spot to work in that isn’t already covered in books or jam. Home offices in tiny homes are a luxury that it can seem impossible to afford. Fold-away surfaces offer a special solution and (when painted like the wall) you would hardly notice they are there. Our favourite secret study hack: hang a bathroom mirror cabinet above the foldaway desk and use it to store the stationary, files and papers that you keep on the surface when it’s open. Your guests will be none the wiser.

The Fold-Away Drying Rack


Nothing demands space like wet clothes. Outside hanging can be an option – but between aesthetically-offended neighbours and the on-again-off-again torrential downpours, it can be almost impossible to get your favourite shirt ready for that all-important meeting. So where do we go from here? Meet Blindry, your new best friend. Created by Kim Bobin and Ko Kyungeun, Blindry harnesses the power of sunlight without disrupting your neighbourhoods appearance and (best of all) it folds away to form a handy blind when not in use. Sold yet?

Secret Door














No, this does not lead to a magical garden but it might as well do. The Ping Pong Door, by Tobias Fraenzel, was built with fun in mind. When space is tight objects with no apparent practical function are often discarded in favour of everyday essential items. Fraenzel has combined the two, bringing that necessary bit of joy into an ordinarily lifeless feature. It even makes the door look nicer when it’s not in use.

If Music be the Food of Love…















The Ping Pong Door is just one example of how enthusiasts have managed to squeeze their passions into their smaller homes. Personally, we love Georg Bohle’s Piano Table. Regular dining room furniture by day it moonlights as a musical instrument but is long enough to permit both. Musicians struggling for their art often find themselves in cramped spaces while attempting to break into the industry. This is an ideal buy for such a space. For the quiet aficionados among us all it also solves that perplexing problem which has plagued as all; how to we eat and practice with so little time. Mischief managed!

Handcuffed to your Desk 















A painfully familiar phrase to most of us; everyone has experienced days when it feels like they sleep in their office on piles of paper, living off coffee out of polystyrene cups. We dread the moments when the all-nighter becomes unavoidable. But this sensation takes on a whole new meaning with the Cabrio range from Resource Furniture. Another brilliant solution for tiny home offices; as separate pieces this desk-bed combination would be to-die-for, combined it is impossible to imagine saying no.

Even the Chairs Are At It

So now you have the perfect table you just need the perfect chair to sit on it. It can be hard to make these objects a space-maximising feature; foldaway chairs are often more bulky than you first imagine and frequently uncomfortable. Besides, they are still taking up significant storage space when you can’t keep them out all folded up. Let us introduce you to two great ideas we have come across.














Scala Zero was created by Morelato and functions both as a chair and a safe step ladder. Durable, comfortable, sleek this makes an excellent additional storage space when not in use and is perfect for a family kitchen with a little one too small to reach the countertops.












Cube 6, our other seating-design crush, may not have a secondary function but is a remarkable space saver for those who never know how many they might be hosting. It holds six stools in the shape of a box and thus takes up only the floor space of one stool. The box will keep its structure when there are just three chairs in it so you can take away as many as you like and just tuck them in together when you are done. Simples.

Moving home can be daunting, particularly when it is a large furniture removals job. But we hope we have shown you some of the world’s wonderful ways of making living in a tiny home extremely possible. Don’t forget, you can always incorporate some of the themes from this list of space-saving furniture into any DIY projects you might have in mind for your own downsizing move. We recommend you always keep these 3 simple rules in mind:

1)     Build UP not OUT – double your floor space by using ceiling space. Hanging cupboards may not be uncommon, we have even heard of hanging mattresses.

2)     Double the Trouble – dual functionality is your best friend, if an item does the job of two in the space of one it is perfect for your new home.

3)     Houses are for stuff, Homes are for people – transform your space by tailoring it to your needs. Bring nothing you don’t need and remember that fun is one of life’s necessities.

Are you a part of the tiny home movement? Are you looking to put your big life into a smaller home? Or have you seen some amazing space-saving products? Let the buzzvault team know, we’re always interested to hear it!