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Having inspired countless works of horror fiction, the notion of the haunted house has frightened generations over the years. Outside of the fiction, however, are there any houses that could realistically be described as ‘haunted’? We’re not entirely sure, but we wouldn’t recommend staying in any of the following!

1. Ten Bells pub

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Opened in London’s East End in 1752, the Ten Bells pub is infamous for being the last pub frequented by a number of Jack The Ripper’s victims. Indeed, Jack’s final victim, Mary Kelly, had actually been drinking in The Ten Bells on the night she was brutally mutilated. Ever since, live-in staff at the pub have frequently reported the sighting of a mysterious and dark figure, clad in Victorian era clothes. Spookily, some staff members have even reported awaking to the sight of this ghost lying in bed next to them!

A psychic, once brought in to investigate the pub’s paranormal activity, was steadfast in refusing to enter one room in particular. A room in which, according to the psychic, a brutal murder  of a baby had taken place. Some time later, a Jack The Ripper researcher was on the roof and found a small concealed sack hidden behind a water tank. Shockingly, inside the sack the researcher found a set of baby clothes that appeared to have been slashed with a knife.

2. Ancient Ram Inn

Built in the 12th Century, the Ancient Ram Inn is arguably the most haunted building in Britain. Constructed on an ancient Pagan burial ground in Gloucestershire, the Inn is believed to have been the location of numerous suicides, satanic rituals and child sacrifices. The Humphries family, who have lived in the building for over half a century, claim that objects regularly move, ghostly figures can be seen and that childrens’ screams can be heard. Also, somewhat bizarrely, some guests claim to have been pushed onto the bed and groped by the randy, mythical, sex-demon known as Incubus.

John Humphries believes that the home is inhabited by as many as 20 spirits in total. Given that there are more ghosts than rooms, you’ll be unsurprised to hear that some visitors have gone as far as jumping out of the building’s windows as means of escaping their paranormal tormentors. For some, however, escape would be an even more difficult process; indeed, Humphries has stated that eight people who have stayed in the building have since been exorcized.

3. The White House

Even the president’s home isn’t free of ghosts! It has been reported that, since his death, the ghost of Abraham Lincoln has regularly been seen wandering through his former residence.

According to a Lincoln biographer and personal friend, the former president experienced a rather strange dream in the days preceding his death. In Lincoln’s dream, the White House was gripped by an overwhelming feeling of grief. When Lincoln investigated the reason for this grief, he happened upon the frightening figure of his own lifeless corpse. Spookily, when Lincoln enquired as to how he had died, he was told that he had been assassinated.

During World War II, a nude Winston Churchill famously encountered Abraham Lincoln’s ghost. Churchill, having just stepped out of the bath, claimed to have seen Abraham Lincoln standing over the fireplace. The ever-witty Churchill looked at the ghostly apparition, and calmly said, “Good evening, Mr. President. You seem to have me at a disadvantage”. Unsurprisingly, the British Prime Minister later refused to sleep in the haunted room.

4. McKamey Manor

Now, for something a little bit different. McKamey Manor offers visitors the opportunity to experience an unbearably terrifying haunted house that isn’t really haunted. Indeed, though the visitor is completely aware that the house’s chainsaw wielding monsters are played by actors, the experience is a nonetheless extremely intense one. So intense, in fact, that the visitor is required to sign a waiver and must be in excellent physical health to take part.

To date, nobody has managed to complete the entirety of the house’s 8-hour experience. The visitors, or ‘victims’, are forced into numerous terrifying experiences, including but not limited to, being gagged, locked in claustrophobic spaces and being covered in snakes and spiders. If you think this sounds like hell-on-earth, you’ll be surprised to learn that the waiting list to experience McKamey Manor currently sits at over 20,000, with admission to the house costing two-canned goods, both of which are later donated to a local charity.