Home Care > Home Furnishings: The 7 Fundamental Styles

If you’ve just moved house, the chances are you want to take a nice long break. After all, moving home is a notoriously stressful process (up there with death and divorce).

But, once the literal and figurative dust has settled, you can attend to what you’ve always, deep down inside, wanted to do: home furnishings. This is a creative, fun task giving you – and your new home – plenty of scope for self-expression. Sometimes it’s nice to go for a medley of influences, other times home owners want to impart a certain style throughout their whole house.

Either way, it helps to familiarise yourself with a few different home furnishing styles. Here are seven you can start with:

1. Contemporary

If you’re in a modern apartment and like a clean and straight-line style, then maybe contemporary is for you.


2. Traditional

The traditional style is a classic style that continues to be popular in Britain, if you like tradition and classic taste, then this could be perfect for you.


3. Retro

If you think interior design looked better in the past and love orange and brown, maybe the retro style is something for you.




4. Coastal

If you’re by the sea, you might consider furnishing your home in the coastal style. If also helps if you are a fan of white, blue, beige and brown and like decorative boats and seashells.




5. Rustic

If your new home is an old wooden house or a cottage, and you like dark wooden furniture and cosy rooms, then the rustic style might be the right fit for you.



6. Minimalist

If you liked the contemporary style, you should also check out the minimalist style, which is even simpler and cleaner still.



7. Shabby chic

Yes, the notorious shabby chic! This has become a popular decor style in Britain. If you love vintage and soft pastels mixed with white, this might be the style for your new home.



These are of course just some of the million interior design styles out there, but they’ve hopefully given you some ideas of what you’d like. Which one of is your favourite? Or did we miss the style you love the most? Let us know!

(All pictures courtesy of Pinterest)