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In Lord of the Rings we learnt that even the smallest person can change the course of the future. Well, it will come as no surprise to learn that no nook is too small, no cranny too pokey, to change the whole look and feel of your home. In this quick round-up, we look at those spaces we’re all too prone to overlook in our grand redecorating plans: the guest bedroom, the nursery, the nook and the walk-in wardrobe space.

Guest Bedrooms up there with the Best

If you’ve got more bedrooms than you need for your family, you might want to consider turning one of the bedrooms into a guest room. Or if you’re children have grown up and left their rooms behind, you might consider turning their rooms into more guest friendly bedrooms. If this is the case, then this week’s mood board will hopefully be of some help for you.


When you decorate your guest bedroom, think about the different people that will be staying in this room. If you think that the room will be used by both men and women, you might want to decorate the room in neutral colours. We would also recommend using calm colours that are well-suited to a bedroom, such as white, grey and light blue. When you start thinking of what to decorate your guest bedroom with think about what you would want in a guest bedroom when you stay at someone else’s home.

A comfortable pillow and warm blanket is always a good start as you don’t want your guests to be too cold, and if you’re not sure that will be enough, a hot water bottle with matching cashmere socks will definitely do the trick! Some people like having a glass of water beside the bed when they sleep and others can’t fall asleep if it’s not pitch black, in those cases a nice carafe with a matching glass and an eye mask will probably be good to include in your guest bedroom. If you’re guests can’t fall asleep straight away they might appreciate some bedtime reading, so place some good classic books in the bedroom along with some daily newspapers or magazines. The last touch to finish off the bedroom is to just add some candles to make the room cosy and some bedtime creams your guests can try before they go to bed, and then you’re pretty much done!

If there’s anything you think we’ve missed that you would like to add, please do let us know! In the meantime, happy decorating!

Items from: Pillow cases from Travelling SOUK, creams from Kiehl’s, eye mask from LAPADD, candles from diptyque, alarm clock from Newgate, hot water bottle with matching socks from Johnstons, carafe and glass from Laura Ashley and blanket from Missoni.

Knock-Out Nurseries

If you are expecting a baby, or thinking about “upsizing” for the new arrival, then you may have a room in mind as a nursery …

The standard nursery almost always includes the same details, a cot, a rocking chair, toys etc.. But there are many different interior design styles you can choose between when you decorate your nursery.  This week’s mood board will give you some ideas of how you could decorate your nursery in a modern and Scandinavian style.

Buzzmove - moving house

As we mentioned earlier, a rocking chair is one of the most common pieces of furniture in a nursery, and for our modern nursery we have chosen this plastic rocking chair designed by Charles & Ray Eames. Another must in a nursery is of course also a cot, and our favourite is this caravan cot by Kalon, which comes in various different colours if green is not your first choice. Then it’s important to have somewhere to keep a change of clothes for your little one, and for this we have chosen this modern dresser called Snow designed by Thomas Sandell and Jonas Bohlin. To light up the room we have the chestnut lamp designed by Nellianna van den Baard and Kenneth Veenenbos for Snowpuppe, which we think adds a fun and playful feeling to the room. The same playful feeling is also added to the room by the wall art from etsy and the toy monkey designed by Kay Bojesen. And finally we chose a cosy blanket from Marimekko to keep you and your baby warm.

Nailing the Reading Nook

London is still leaving us with cold temperatures and most of the time we just want to stay inside. That’s why this is a great time to get started with reading all of those books that you got over Christmas, or just all the books you don’t really have the time to read usually. Soon enough spring will be here and there will be no excuses for not wanting to spend every second outside, so allow yourself some alone time this February in a cosy chair with a book.

This week’s mood board is an inspiration to how you can create your own reading nook in your home.


A comfortable armchair, sofa or bed is essential for a good reading nook. We love this light brown vintage style armchair from Newport, which adds a rustic feeling and a feeling of history to the reading space. For more comfort, cushions, blankets and a hot water bottle are all important details. Good books are obviously the key to the experience but almost just as important is a good reading lamp, such as this golden one. For an extra cosy experience a fireplace will always be a winner and if you have, why not get a log basket to go with it? Then all you need is your favourite drink and you’re all set. Enjoy!

Walk-In Wardrobes of Wonder

Many women (and men) dream of having a walk in wardrobe in their home, imagine Carrie Bradshaw’s wardrobe from sex and the city in your house..

Just being able to say, ‘oh in my walk in wardrobe at home..,’ immediately makes your home sound more like a celebrity pad than an ordinary house. However it might not always be easy to fit this into your home, as it requires quite a bit of space.. And that’s why a walk in wardrobe is a home movers dream! What better time to find space for a walk in closet than when you’re moving into a new empty home?

This week’s mood board will be an inspiration for how we would want our walk in wardrobe to look like in our new home! And remember it’s not always necessary to use an entire room, a walk in wardrobe could also be incorporated with a bedroom or an office or any other room.


The most essential piece of furniture for a walk in wardrobe (except for all the clothes storage of course) is a huge ottoman in the middle of the room where you can lay your clothes, or where you can sit and admire them while their hanging in front of you. As it is a room for clothing and trying on your best outfits, a mirror is also important, and we love this three way mirror where you can see your outfit from all angles. A mannequin is also a nice detail for displaying your favourite pieces of clothing while you’re not wearing them. To add to the luxurious feeling of the room we love a chandelier and nice designer cushions like the one above from missoni. For the clothes a dresser is of course also important and this also works as a nice area to display your favourite perfumes, flower decorations and fashion books.

For more walk in wardrobe inspiration check out our Pinterest board Walk in wardrobes. Happy decorating!

Bonus: Choose a Theme to Bring It All Together

Nooks and crannies can be entirely self-contained. But it’s also interesting to connect them together with a theme – to see them almost as instalments in the same franchise or parts of a set. This can also help you to save time and money on your decorating materials. Rather than having to buy multiple batches of fabric and wallpaper and trinkets, you can buy one and split it up between your different spaces.

With summer fast-approaching, what could be better than coastal style.

Buzzmove Coastal Living

To get the ultimate coastal style to your new home, focus on decorating with blue and white colours and add in some wooden details. A white sofa is a good start and it’s something that doesn’t only match the coastal style but which will go well with other styles if you decide to change your home decor for winter. For smaller details that are easier to change depending on season go all out with white and blue and try some proper ‘coastal’ decorations such as sea stars and shells as well as white and blue cushions with coastal patterns.

Wall art is something else that easily can be changed depending on season, so try to find something that really reflects the coastal style. Even though this is a summer decor, we still want to add this cosy beach house feeling to the room, which is done by a table lamp with dimmed light and some lantern candles. The rest of the main pieces of furniture (the coffee table, footstool and rug) like the sofa are not as easy to change as the smaller details so try to get these with neutral patterns in blue, white and wood.

We hope these tips have been helpful and that you get some inspiration from our moodboard to help inspire you to decorate your own home with the coastal style. We love hearing your thoughts, so let us know what you think!