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Maybe this is the fifth time you’ve been late for work this month, maybe you’ve missed that important lecture (again), maybe even your flat setting on fire couldn’t pry your eyes open.

The buzzvault team understands your heavy-sleeper struggles, so here’s a list of the most inventive alarm clocks to help you break your snooze cycle.

Clocks to tempt you out of bed…

1. Teasmade

The OG of wacky alarm clocks, the Teasmade brews your morning cup of tea as you sleep meaning you don’t even have to flick the kettle on to fix your morning brew.

Originating back as early as the 1930s, but reaching its prime in the sixties and seventies, this retro gadget has been stealing the hearts of Brits for decades with the promise of our favourite drink luring us from sleep.

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2. Coffeesmade

If tea doesn’t hold the key to your hipster heart, this coffee alternative may be able to lure you from your sheets with the promise of your morning caffeine hit.

The “Barisieur”, designed by Josh Renouf, gently wakes you with the sweet smell of fresh coffee as it brews directly on your bedside table.  This gadget combines the charm of your secondary school chemistry lab with your unbreakable caffeine addiction, fitting perfectly into your modern morning routine.

Just try and refrain from smashing snooze each morning, cleaning up broken glass might slow you down a bit.

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3. Wake up and Smell the Bacon

Maybe the smell of coffee doesn’t set your nose ablaze. Maybe you have a more refined palate beyond the artisanal roast hype.

The ‘Sensorwake Olfactory Alarm Clock’ offers a range of tempting smells to wake up to, including chocolate, peppermint and even croissants.  With interchangeable scent cartridges, this gadget allows you to personalise your morning with the smells that appeal to you the most, the muggle equivalent of finding out what a love potion would smell like.

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There’s also a bacon scented equivalent out for all you carnivores, filling your room with its mouth-watering smell via an easy-to-use app and iPhone attachment.


4. Wake n’ Bacon

If a smell-based alarm seems like all tease and no follow-through, then you may need something more substantial. The “Wake n’ Bacon” alarm may be able to finally pry you from your beloved sleep.  This alarm clock actually cooks bacon fresh for you to wake up to!  With all electricals encased in an adorable wooden pig, it’s the perfect pet/oven for you to welcome into your life.

Just remember to restock the bacon the night before as you might be in for a disappointing start to the day.

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Clocks to get you out of bed….

5. The Flying Alarm Clock

Maybe you’re at the point where nothing, and I mean nothing, could possibly tempt you from sleep.  Not a cup of coffee or the smell of fresh croissants, not even the promise of fresh bacon.

Maybe its time for you to be ‘annoyed’ out of bed.

The Flying Alarm Clock is designed to do just this.  Releasing a rotary-style drone as soon as its time to get up, the incessant beeping of this alarm only concludes when its flying friend is returned to base.

Just be careful not to leave a window open as your beloved drone may never return and you’ll be stuck with a beeping alarm clock forever.

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6. Clocky Rolling Alarm Clock

As well as launching into the air when it’s time to wake up, there are also clocks that literally wheel away from you in order to get you out of bed.

Clocky, the imaginatively named clock, can jump from a height of 3-feet and proceed to wheel around your home until it’s captured and mercifully turned off. Quoted as being ‘impossible to sleep through’, Clocky won’t go down easy and fulfils everyone’s dream of chasing a small robotic creature around their home first thing in the morning.

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7. Smart Carpet Alarm Clock Rug

If flying drones or the beloved ‘Clocky’ sound too aggressive for you, the more straightforward but equally irritating ‘Alarm Clock Rug’ may take your fancy.  Designed to keep beeping until both your feet are firmly planted on the carpet, this gadget uses pressure sensors to make sure you really are up for the day.

Of course, there’s nothing to stop you immediately getting back into bed, but hey it’s a carpet not a miracle worker.

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8. Wallace & Gromit’s ‘Wrong Trouser’ Alarm Clock Invention

Finally, the alarm clock that beats all alarm clocks, Wallace’s laziest invention from the beloved Wrong Trousers.

Not only getting Wallace out of bed each morning, this beauty gets him dressed, fed and ready for the day despite being crafted entirely out of Plasticine.

Forget croissant-scented clocks, who’s working on bringing this delight to the public?