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If you’re planning on moving house, and have found your new dream house but haven’t sold your old home yet, you might want to try home staging to sell your house. Home staging doesn’t only help make your house more appealing and make more people interested, it can also raise the price the customers are willing to pay.

So before you start researching removal companies and removal quotes, have a look at our list of home staging tips to get the most out of your house sale.

1. Start with the outside

If you live in a house, remember that the outside of your house is just as important as the inside. People who are interested in viewing your house might drive past your house in advance of the house viewing just to double check if they actually are interested in seeing the inside of your home or not. So remember to wash your driveway and any pathway outside the house, make sure your flowers have been taken care of and that the lawn has been mowed.

2. Clean your home

Do a complete clean of your entire home, from floors and carpets to walls and windows, make sure that your house is completely spot free. This is one of the most important parts of home staging, and therefore it might be worth it to take in a professional if you have a big house. Trying to sell a dirty house is just not ideal, remember that you want to show your house to its best potential.

3. Get rid of clutter and unnecessary items

When people come to a house viewing they want to imagine what it would be like if they moved into your house, not how it is for you to live there. Therefore it’s important that you clear out all unnecessary items and personal belongings you have lying around the house before your house viewing. This will also immediately make your house look cleaner and more spacious in the eyes of potential buyers. And by clearing away unnecessary items, we don’t mean throw it all into a closet or a room that is not in use, but actually store the items somewhere. The best way of doing this is to pack away all the unnecessary items and store them with a removal company that does both removals and storage until you move into your new home.

4. Make your storage space presentable

Potential buyers will want to see every inch of your house, including closets and cupboards, that’s why it’s important that you don’t store your unnecessary items here and keep these spaces clean and well represented. A clean and spacious closet can be a big selling point and therefore it’s important that you store away most of your items and only keep a few items to display the functionality of the closet and how much space it has.

5.  Give potential buyers some ideas

As a potential buyer it can be difficult to come into a unfurnished home and imagine what the home would look like furnished and what potential the home has, and therefore it’s important that you show them this potential. Regardless of the fact that you will move all your belongings out of the house once it’s sold, it’s still important to help the buyers understand what the different rooms in your home can be used for.

If you have any spare rooms where you just store stuff or rooms which don’t really have any purpose, use these rooms and decorate them in a way to show potential buyers the possibilities with your property. An empty room could be turned into a walk-in wardrobe, a home office, a guest room or perhaps a home gym. See what furniture you have at home which you can use for this room/these rooms, and see what furniture you could borrow from friends and neighbours to create this new room. This will definitely help increase the interest from potential buyers.

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6. Give potential buyers some more ideas

When you home stage your house, don’t only think about how you can show off the different rooms to their best potential, but also think about how different areas of the house might be decorated in a way that most people wouldn’t have thought of. For example, if you live in a house, you might have a staircase with some leftover space underneath, which you can turn into a reading nook, a work space or a bookshelf. Show off the functionality of your home.

7. Give a luxury feeling to your home

If you’re not sure how to set this atmosphere in your home, looking in home magazines, or thinking of the look of a hotel room. Keep the home clean and tidy but add some details that you might not usually have in your home, such as vases with fresh flowers in different places in the house, a bowl of lemons in the kitchen, and a luxury soap, hand cream and small hand towels in the bathroom.

But remember not to go too far on this point, spraying your whole house with a flower sent might be a bit exaggerated and not very appreciated by some of the house viewers.

8. Make sure the master bedroom is gender-neutral

Since you don’t know who the potential buyer could be, it’s best to try and keep the colour scheme and decorations gender neutral when you home stage your house, and this is especially true for the master bedroom. If the colour scheme in your master bedroom is typically female or male, try to change some of the details to make it more gender neutral such as the bed linens and blankets.

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9. Make sure the same style goes through the whole house

As mentioned above, try to decorate your house with gender neutral colours when staging your home, and try not to use extreme colours such as neon green or yellow when you decorate, as neutral colours are more likely to appeal to a wider range of people.

It’s also important that you try to choose colours that work well together in the different rooms, so that you have the same style throughout your entire house. This will make the impression of the house more visually appealing for house viewers and the house will have a feeling of being whole.

10. Pet odours

And lastly, if you have pets at home, make sure that you clean all the rugs, dog baskets and blankets before the house viewing to avoid pet odours on the big day. And also store away the pet toys and similar items.

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