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buzzvault is gearing up for an incredible 2018. Tipped as one of the hottest insurtechs on “one-to-watch” lists, we are building a revolutionary new household insurance product to solve long-standing pain points.

Last week, buzzvault’s Managing Director Charlotte Halkett spoke to Liam Gray on the Insurance Nexus Unbound Podcast about why insurance is fundamentally a noble industry — but one in need of a technological overhaul. Charlotte describes where we find ourselves right now:

As buzzmove, the sister brand to buzzvault, we’ve already delivered significant disruption within home removals. Our group’s next development is providing a related insurance proposition, seamlessly offering customers personalised products that meet their needs in a changing society.

Our buzzmove method is to start with real pain points and to use technology to solve them. We have a ‘digital butler’ experience: it’s about using technology and the data we have to create far superior experiences that anticipate needs.

Liam Gray added:

Speaking with companies like buzzvault is what the Insurance Nexus ‘Unbound’ Podcast is all about. We want to highlight the great innovations that are happening in the industry by interviewing the people that are making them happen. From speaking with Charlotte, it is clear that buzzvault is developing solutions that address real customer pain points and is changing the industry in the process.

Listen to the podcast here:

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