Renting > Five Worst Types of Housemates

Living with housemates is no easy task. And it’s becoming a fact of life for more and more people, especially if you’re renting in London, where skyscraper-high house prices have made home ownership a distant pipe dream. Here, so that you can take the necessary precautions during your flat hunt, we present the five worst types of housemates.

The Melodramatic Character

melodramatic housemate

We all know one of these, and may even enjoy their company in small doses. Indeed, the never-ending supply of juicy gossip ensures that this creature is never short of interesting content. When it comes to living with this kind, however, we have a serious problem. You’ll often hear them spreading secrets and rumours (that they had previously promised to guard), and delighting in the reaction. This monster is not to be trusted!


The Ghost


This curious creature prompts numerous questions, most common of which is, “are they home?” This hermit rarely leaves its room, and when it does it avoids human interaction like the plague. In fact, catching a mere glimpse of this housemate is a rather impressive feat in and of itself.  Bear in mind, however, that this rare sighting is almost always followed by the most awkward of exchanges. This character has absolutely no interest in socialising, and is best left to its own devices.


The Stinker


Grab the air freshener, because our next horrid housemate truly leaves a foul stench! This creature is solely responsible for the piled-up dishes, the innumerable litter and the overflowing bin… and though you pinch your nose when walking past its room, the stink of last week’s dinner still lingers throughout the house. In all cases, if you smell this monster coming it is best to run… run quickly!


The Clean-Freak

vacuum cleaner

Unsurprisingly, this character is constantly at odds with The Stinker. Nobody likes a messy home, but The Clean-Freak takes the act of cleaning to an absurd level. They will vacuum at the most inappropriate of hours, follow you around with a damp cloth and react ferociously if you even dare to contemplate the non-use of a coaster! Don’t be mistaken into believing that the idea of a consistently clean home makes living with this creature worthwhile; they will continue cleaning even if the house is spotless. Cleaning is what they do, and God help you if you get in their way!


The Loud One


Let’s hope you have a similar musical taste to this housemate, as they are insistent on the entire house being able to hear their every sound. They will loudly play their favourite tunes on repeat at every possible hour of the day, talk extremely loudly and regularly wake up their housemates as they stomp around the home. If they happen to play an instrument, then you are in double trouble! This creature is known to deny its obnoxious level of volume, and will react aggressively if confronted. Proceed with caution (and ear-muffs)!

So there we have it. Five social types to avoid. And if you’ve already moved in with one or more of these – if it’s already too late – then remember: moving home is always an option – hopefully to a place far, far away from the hellish housemates!