We’re officially entering the busiest shopping time of the year. These weeks leading up to Christmas will see consumers stocking up on the must-have gadgets and gizmos, accessories, and fashion items. Sadly, it’s also a time when more people could fall victim to theft and burglary. With all the festive excitement it’s easy to become lax over home security – particularly when it comes to social media. Posting online can give potential burglars an easy sneak peek to the valuables in your home. 

buzzvault home insurance is warning consumers to be extra vigilant and shares five top tips on how you can protect yourself and your valuables when posting online. 


Don’t check into locations

Checking yourself into different locations can advertise to potential burglars when you’re not home. Tagging your location when at home can also give burglars details of where you live. Make sure you also turn off your social media locations feature, as it can reveal your whereabouts when you post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


Consider who you’re tagging

Tagging your nearest and dearest in your posts means you’re highlighting when they’re not at home. You could also unknowingly be showing the world the valuables they have in their home, leaving them vulnerable.


Avoid temptation to share too much

Take care not to post too much about your valuables. In a world of social media influencers and doing everything for ‘likes’, it’s easy to get drawn in and post pictures of expensive new purchases. But while you may want to flash the goods, remember that whatever your friends see, so too can potential burglars.  


Know who your ‘friends’ are

Scroll through your friends and consider how well you know them. Many of us add ‘friends of friends’ and have random followers on social media and networking sites. If you don’t know them then it’s worth considering whether you want them to see what you’re posting.


Update your security settings

Make sure your privacy settings are turned on across all accounts, so no information is available for public view. Posting personal details (hometown, mobile number, age, first school attended etc.) online can give strangers a good look into your life, not to mention open yourself up to be a victim of fraud.  Adjust your settings accordingly and keep them private to stay safe.