We hope you’re all having a fantastic time at InsureTech Connect 2019 – we can’t believe how quickly the first two days has flown past.  From meetings to reunions, industry discussion to presentations is sure has been an action packed 48 hours. 

With Day 3 fast approaching we’re taking a moment to look back on our ITC 2019 highlights so far, including all the latest announcements from Booth #K61. Read on to find out more:


September 23rd: Day 1

12:00 pm

Having safely touched down in Vegas, we were ready to hit the ground running and get stuck in to three days of insurance industry action.  

We headed over to the conference centre to get set up, come find us at Booth #K61 to check out our hard work and chat all things insuretech. 

Don’t worry, the #elephantintheroom made it through customs, ready for our announcement on the Innovation Alley Stage at 2:45 pm on Tuesday 24th September.

5:00 pm

We even managed to sneak in some pool side networking, where we caught up with some familiar faces and celebrated to start of Insuretech Connect 2019!

September 24th : Day 2 Morning

7:00 am : Fuelling Up

With Day 1 behind us and some pretty crazy jet lag still at play, our first point of call for Day 2 was the breakfast buffet.  After all, it’s hard to revolutionise the insurance industry on an empty stomach. 

8:00 am : #buzzcrew T-shirt Exclusive ITC 2019 Drop

Once our craving for pancakes was well and truly satisfied, we headed over to Booth #K61 to announce our exclusive limited edition influencer #buzzcrew t-shirts.  With just 15 shirts available in our official ITC 2019 drop, we’ve selected the most inspiring and exciting insuretech influencers to represent buzzvault and spread our vision of industry disruption far and wide. 

Here are the lucky folks who managed to get their hands on these exclusive items:

Gareth Eggle was the first to claim his exclusive #buzzcrew t-shirt
Manjit Rana was up next to join the #buzzcrew!
Melissa Collett picking up her t-shirt
Big smiles from Becky and Melissa
The KaskoLtd Team showing off their new #buzzcrew shirts

September 24th : Day 2 Afternoon

2:45pm : Taking to the stage to reveal the #elephantintheroom

With an exciting morning already behind us, it was time for Becky to take to the Innovation Alley Stage and reveal the #elephantintheroom to an intrigued ITC 2019 audience.  

For all of those who didn’t get the chance to attend, we think the elephant in the room is …………. that customers aren’t really covered by their insurance for the stuff they love, leaving them vulnerable and under protected if the worse happens.  Whilst the insurance industry has ignored this fact, buzzvault believes in tackling this issue straight on. 

That’s why we are dedicated to providing customers with the cover they deserve, transforming the insurance industry one policy at a time.  With hyper-personalised policies and detailed personal contents inventories, our customers know exactly what they are insurance from day one, meaning the right level of protection for their homes. 

4:00 pm : Come have a spin on our Roulette Wheel!

After we recovered from the buzz of our presentation, we were excited to announce our exclusive ITC 2019 roulette wheel, located at Booth #K61.  Come visit us to be in for the chance to win some awesome prizes, including a HD TV and wireless headphones!  


So with the first two days of InsureTech Connect behind us, we can’t wait to see what Day 3 will bring! Here’s to more exciting insuretech discussion and maybe an appearance or two from famed ‘Mr Elephant’. 


Where to find us

We’re at InsureTech Connect 23rd – 25th September! Find us at Booth #K61 (Grouping SBC).


Press, Media & Partnerships: louise@gobuzzvault.com

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