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Welcome back to Fintech Love Island. Earlier this week we flew to sun-caressed Mallorca to check out our 10 Fintech Trends competing to be the hottest of the hot: AI, Gamification, Mobile Wallet, Blockchain, Roboadvisory, Chatbot, API, VR, Robotics and P2P.

Today we are holed up, along with our 10 Fintech Trends, in the lounge of the Fintech Villa, beset with all manner of fans and water-coolers lest the heat further sap our decision-making powers.

Now let’s get one thing straight – all ten of these Fintech Trends are magnificent specimens, as well-toned in heart and spirit as they are in body. However, every dream summer holiday must come to end, and Fintech Love Island is no exception. It’s time to give our avid, zombified viewers exactly what they’ve been waiting for: a winning Fintech Couple.

In our previous post we determined, rigorously and beyond all reasonable doubt, that Mobile Wallet, Roboadvisory, Chatbot, VR and P2P are… not hot. Or at least not as hot as the other Trends. As these five notties are bundled off the premises, we turn to our 5 remaining Trends:

  • AI
  • Gamification
  • Blockchain
  • API
  • Robotics

Surviving acronyms AI and API exchange a furtive look of complicity; robotics remains impassable as ever, as impervious to pressure as he is to joy; and in the background, the whirring of a fan.

The near-silence is broken by the jingle of a mobile phone. Someone forces their way through the thronged camera crews with a handwritten note for the judges.

The producers, it appears, have a strict No Threesome Policy and are insisting that the judging proceed on a couple-by-couple basis. A memo from the Audience Insights Manager is attached as well, pointing out that the gross preponderance of acronyms within Fintech engenders great bewilderment and confusion, and that this could be responsible for the low levels of engagement detected in certain key audience segments.

API has got the shakes all of a sudden and keeps trying to catch AI’s eye – but AI is intent on staring straight forwards and will not be deterred.

Application Programming Interface versus Artificial Intelligence … there could only really be one winner. The heavies are waiting in the wings and, at the nod of the judges, descend on poor API, who, kicking and screaming, vanishes through a side door.

This leaves us with two Fintech Couples: AI & Blockchain on the one hand, and Gamification & Robotics on the other. Let’s size them up:

Fintech Trends #1: AI & Blockchain**

AI is no spring chicken – but, after many years of flighty bachelordom (or the AI Winter as those in the know tend to call it), he finally appears ready for something more substantial.

And people having been whispering for a while that 2018 could be Blockchain’s year. We may finally see commercialised use cases outside of cryptocurrencies, where she is undisputed queen.

Fintech Trends #2: Robotics & Gamification**

Robotics is possibly our most promiscuous Trend. Whenever there’s a business process, which, ahem, needs improving, you can count on him being somewhere close by, sniffing around with that robot nose of his.

As for Gamification, well, the name says it all really. Whether we’re talking gameplay, challenges, targets or continuous mobile engagement, consumers can’t get enough of her in 2018.

** We would like to add that the construction of our Trends as heterosexual couples is for parodistic purposes only, rather than as a statement of gender norms. At buzzvault, we have a firm commitment to inclusion irrespective of gender or sexual orientation.

Our two Fintech Couples will now leave the Fintech Villa to spend the weekend in their respective Fintech Chalets.

The chalet concept was something we came up with as a means of giving our Trends a more peaceful, secluded environment where they can get to know each other a bit better whilst remaining under uninterrupted 24-hour CCTV surveillance.

So, AI & Blockchain rise from their sofa and, hand-in-hand, walk down the steps of the Fintech Villa, at the bottom of which a tastefully upholstered limo awaits them. Their chalet sits on the magnificent Playa del Cangrejo Enajenado on the south coast, where under the full moon turtles crawl onto the shore for their once-yearly breeding.

As AI & Blockchain are whisked away to their private beach, Robotics & Gamification are heading to the helipad round the back of the Fintech Villa. Their chalet is in the hills, up on the East face of the picturesque Montaña del Gran Armiño. Awaiting them once they arrive is a selection of locally – and sustainably – sourced tapas.

In our two follow-up posts, we’ll check in on each of our Fintech Couples to see how they’re getting on. As with any relationship, what we’re looking for is a complementary fulfilment of needs – our winning couple must be greater than the sum of its parts.

Join us next week then, where – first up – we’ll be catching up with Robotics and Gamification. Fintech power couple or match made in hell? There’s only one way to find out …


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